Some of the
things that
we cover
when working
with investors

  • What are your long term investment goals?
  • How is your budget looking?
  • Is your deposit coming from your savings
    or equity in an existing property?
  • Is a fixed or a variable rate more suitable
    for your circumstances?
  • Are you aware of the potential downside
    of property investment?

Are you thinking of
investing in property
for the first time or of
growing your property
portfolio further?

Investing in property is quite different
from buying your own home. It is
certainly more of a “head” decision
rather than a “heart” one. Ensuring
that your finance is structured in
a way that maximises the success
of your investment is crucial. Our
experience as investors personally,
combined with the knowledge we
have gained from working with other
investors, has provided us with tools
and insight that we use to benefit
our clients. We are also fortunate
to have relationships with industry
professionals who can advise you on
which property will be suitable.

Invest in your future now

Bedrock Finance will work in consultation with your accountant
and/or your financial advisor to ensure you receive the support
you need. We will begin the process by firstly exploring whether
investing in property is right for you and your current financial
circumstances. After that we will investigate your options on how
to proceed. If you’re not quite ready yet, we’ll advise you on what
you need to do get there.